Turkestan Shrike

Lanius phoenicuroides (Schalow, 1875)

Туркестанский жулан
© Pjotr Trommel

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author: Pjotr Trommel
location: Bishkek
date: 2020-05-13
equipment: Nikon D 7200

2020-05-13. Pjotr Trommel:

Hi, Does anyone know what bird this is? Is was high up in a tree, a littlebit bigger then a sparrow.
I was thinking of an isabelline wheatear

2020-05-14. Philippe Campeau:

I don't know, it looks stocky and has a stubby bill, maybe some sort of shrike?

2020-05-14. Pjotr Trommel:

Yes, that was alos my second opinion :)

2020-05-15. Pjotr Trommel:

According to Michael it is a Female Turkestan Shrike!

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