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О белых трясогузках

2021-03-28 | Igor Fefelov

На днях таковые появились на западе Забайкальского края! В Иркутске пока нет сообщений, ждем...И вот, читая старую книгу Г.Е.Грум-Гржимайло Описание путешествия в Западный Китай. Т. II. Поперек Бэй-Шаня и Нань-Шаня в долину Желтой реки , СПб, тип. В. Киршбаума, 1899, 445 с.вижу там на стр. 215, что: В районе г. Су-Чжоу 23 марта 1890 г. (по старому стилю; по новому, соответственно, 4 апреля) появились во множестве плиски Motacilla alba baicalensis, 28 марта исчезли.Современное название города - Цзюцюань, пров. Ганьсу; координаты ~ 39,7 С.Ш., 98,5 В.Д. А сейчас, если трясогузка появился 23 [...... read more ]

Птицы Шерегеша

2021-03-25 | Denis Voronov

Первый раз пишу запись в дневник, надеюсь что будет интересно, наверняка кому-то информация пригодится)Последняя неделя марта – весенние каникулы - неплохое время, чтобы выбраться куда-нибудь подальше за пределы Новосибирска. Утро 21- вечер 25 марта были заняты поездкой в горнолыжный курорт Шерегеш, в Шорском районе Кемеровской области.22 марта. С утра и до обеда семьёй катались на горных лыжах с горы Зелёной, птиц не высматривал. После обеда забрал фотоаппарат из машины и направился в сторону соседнего горного леса. По пути был ряд открытых сувенирных [...... read more ]

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Novruz 2021. Ters-Ashibulak, Stony Ravine.

2021-03-24 | Askar Isabekov

Day of a back way. The weather is mostly sunny, the second day (of five) without rain. This snowy and rainy spring we are lucky have a five sunny or a bit rain consecutive days. By the plan we first go to Ters-Achibulak reservoir. There were no the expected flocks of thousands Cranes and Ducks, in total not many birds in water. But in roadside thickets we have a chance to take photos of little passerines, nothing special but Buntings and Bramblings in bright breeding plumage look so nice, unfotunately light was not so good. Than we go to Assa river started from the reservoir. Here in floodland thickets we heard and watched the first in this spring Cetti's Warblers, which usually good attractable to the sound. Also we sa Blackbirds and Chiffchaffs. In a back way we saw the Cranes after all. Fistly the flying along foothills little flock of five Demoiselle Cranes appeared from east. Than we noticed the large flock of several tens birds flying from opposit direction. Cranes started to hum [...... read more ]

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Весенняя фенология

2021-03-24 | Alexei Ebel

Друзья, добрый день.Как уже повелось, в весенний период ежедекадно на сайте Союза охраны птиц России публикуются сводки по прилёту (и не только) птиц по всей стране. В т.ч. используются и данные этого сайта.Если у вас есть какие-то данные, которые мной были пропущены, либо вами не были опубликованы, не стесняйтесь сообщать.Вот сводка по Сибири на вторую декаду.Алтайский край 7 марта над с.Боровое Крутихинского района замечены 3 огаря.11 марта полевые жаворонки в Благовещенском районе и 3 огаря в Ключевском (Н.Бунько), сотенные стаи грачей у Курьи (А.Репко), [...... read more ]

Novruz 2021. Koksarai reservoir.

2021-03-23 | Askar Isabekov

Weather report 100% garanteed the rainy day. Thunder was rattling even in 7 am, it was rainy but horizont was light in all directions, so we hoped weather can become better. Due the rain we first go to the farest point of today trip, using inconvinient for birding rainy time for moving. Dam of Koksarai reservoir is closed by barrier but unlike Shoshkakol it without a lock, as kind of defense of absolutely accidential visitors, I of course agree this mode. All water is ice free, wether is slightly rainy and windy. Fact is special for this trip and probably relating to instable spring, some of species of birds are presented just single specimens, but other ones are definitely counted by hundreds or even thousands birds. Single birds more likely are first migrants, for example today we saw first Barn Swallow. But numerous Red-crested Pochards and Great White Pelicans gathering to huge flocks probably are in pause due the bad weather, before the fly to breeding spots. However the records of [...... read more ]

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Novruz 2021. Kyzylkum desert.

2021-03-22 | Askar Isabekov

One only day of our trip without rainy forecast. We go from Arys to Kyzylkum desert. Driving by Koksarai reservoir we watched flock of Greater White-fronted Geese of about 15 birds, then several flocks of Gulls. Good fact, it's means there are birds in Koksarai, at least we have a hopeness, especially after yesterday's Shashkakol which really disappointed. We crossed Syrdaria river using Bairkum bridge. Landscape in that side of the river is plain desert with Saka's mounds in the beginnig, then after the turn to west it became saxaul forest, which became as denser and higher as we more drive to west. Commonly birding in desert is not in not so rich main habitat, but mostly in tracts, in our case means wells and rocks. We started in well named Les (means 'forest'). There are several high tall Elm trees and corral with a lot of cattle's manure here, which attract birds. Here we recorded Desert Finches, Chaffinch, Black and Eversmann's Redstart, Chiffchaff, Pied Wheatear, Common Starlngs, [...... read more ]

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Novruz 2021. Chulakkurgan - Arys.

2021-03-21 | Askar Isabekov

All around Chulakkurgan is under a snow, the warming and gap between the temperature of air and ground formed the dence mist. That situation is during all road until Karatau ridge. After the pass mist disappeared, snow is absolutely absent, but there is a lot of water in offroad, the side roads either under the puddles or bogged after rains, but impossible to use in any case. In roadside thickets there were the resting birds. Most noticable of them were numerous Eagles, number of them was definitely more then dozen. We saw both Eastern Imperial and Steppe Eagles, some of which was drying wings like a Cormorants. In trees we saw also Corn Buntings, Shrikes, Fieldfires. The migration is of course present, Harriers, Gulls, single birds and little flocks fly from west to east. In the end of Suzak road. in Ekpendy we watched group of Heulgini's and Caspian Gulls. Local man oaid our attention to the broken trees and flexed tower of power line, saying that's result of weighting by ice which is [...... read more ]

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Novruz 2021. Almaty - Chulakkurgan.

2021-03-20 | Askar Isabekov

In 2013 and 2014 birdwatchers of Almaty in a long holidays of Nauryz visited Zhabagly village to meet spring. First visit was very emotional, but not become regular because repeating of watching birds in same places was so bored. However the five days holidays of this year Nauryz should be used for birding exactly, but having last experience we decided to make center of birding not Zhabagly but Kyzylkol salty lake in Suzak district of Turkestan oblast. Lake is interesting for birding ecpecially in migrating season, also in a quite short distance of the lake there are Karatau mountains and Betpakdala and Moinkum deserts. The team of the expedition is formed by Gennady Dyakin, Alexander Belyaev, Victoria Zvyagintseva, Olga and Marina Sivokons, Robert and Krishanti Parkers, and me, in total eight persons in three cars. Due the very unstable weather I before the tour regularly checked weather report which was changed several times a day, but closer to the tour it became more or less good, [...... read more ]

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Небольшой утилитарный опрос о фотоштативах

2021-03-15 | Igor Fefelov

Появилась необходимость приобрести штатив под зрительную трубу. Моделей очень много, хотелось бы в той или иной степени упростить поиск, ограничив число вариантов, так как не все упомянутые параметры возьмешь встроенными фильтрами опций типа как на Яндекс.Маркете. Поэтому большая просьба - накидать на основании собственного опыта названия конкретных моделей приличных штативов, удовлетворяющих всем условиям, перечисленным ниже. Только названия конкретных моделей (и какие-то пометки, если какому-то критерию удовлетворяет не вполне, либо еще [...... read more ]

Атамановские наблюдения

2021-03-14 | Maria Demina

На 8 марта я поехала в Атаманово на Енисее. Очень хотелось увидеть весенние изменения в природе. Надеялась найти неясытей или глухаря. Получила и хорошие вести и печальные!Как и в январские морозы больше всего птиц в селе - на кормушках. Я наблюдаю их из окна дома. Помимо привычных птиц на подкормке много чечёток. За пределами села ни одной не встретила, а здесь однажды прилетело около сотни - подбирали овёс на обочине дороги. В тёплый безветренный день была на берегу Енисея. На воде около 70 уток, все около острова и у другого берега. Те же кряквы, большие [...... read more ]

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Ефанов Сергей

rare birds records

Glaucous Gull (Larus hyperboreus)

© Andrey Borodin

Grey-necked Bunting (Emberiza buchanani)

© Maksim Volkov

The first vagrant record of this species in the northern Siberia.

Sandhill Crane (Grus canadensis)

© Olga Vasik

The 1st record of the species in the Primorsky Kray.

Red-flanked Bluetail (Tarsiger cyanurus)

© Natalia Melnikova

The second record of the Red-flanked Bluetail in the west of Kazakhstan, the first for the Mangistau region. Before that, it was noted by Andrey Kovalenko on October 12, 2017 on the artificial island of Kairan in the northeastern Caspian (see birds.kz gallery).

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Big Year 2022

1. Anna Golubeva (348)
2. Andrey Semenov (310)
3. Alexey Sizov (297)
4. Vadim Ivushkin (296)
5. Nataliya Pokhodzey (288)
6. Kudaibergen Amirekul (274)
7. Andrey Chernykh (254)
8. Khasan Zhurtov (253)
9. Igor Sikorsky (252)
10. Olga Fattakhova (251)

unidentified birds


Pjotr Trommel: Probably a White Throated Needletail. Flying together with Alpine Swifts. First in KG!


Анна Ясько: Все же теньковка, на мой взгляд. У Ларса Свенссона (Handbook of Western Palearctic Birds) в описании теньковки есть упоминание, что некоторые птицы, особенно [....]


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more unidentified birds...