Short-eared Owl

Asio flammeus (Pontoppidan, 1763)

Болотная сова
© Jérémie Berlioux

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author: Jérémie Berlioux
location: Ozornoe, Chuy
date: 2022-01-12

2022-01-13. Robert Parker (from

Hi Jérémie, nice owl picture. Is this spot easy to get to? I am visiting Bishkek from Almaty and am looking around for some places I might go photograph some birds.
Any suggestions for places closer in to Bishkek town?

2022-01-13. Jérémie Berlioux:

Hi Rob,
Thanks. it is actually quite easy. There is the bus n°41 leaving from the angle of molodaya gvardiya / chuy. Get off at Ozornoe village. Then it is about 30minutes walk. Otherwise, a taxi can bring you to the lakes. It shouldn't be too expense.
In Bishkek, there is the botsad, near Akhunbayeva/April 7 which is quite nice. There are long-eared owls chilling there during the day.

2022-01-14. Robert Parker (from

Thanks! I will go to the Botanical Garden tomorrow and look around. Best,

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