Grey Wagtail

Motacilla cinerea (Tunstall, 1771)

Горная трясогузка
© Robert Parker

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author: Robert Parker
location: Pravy Esentai, Almaty
date: 2021-04-04
equipment: iPhone

2021-04-04. Robert Parker:

I saw four of these birds while jogging. They looked like masked wagtails but with some yellow on their bodies. Sorry for the bad photos, I only had my cell phone.
Я видел четырех таких птиц во время пробежки. Они были похожи на трясогузок в масках, но с желтоватым пятном на теле. Извините за плохие фотографии, у меня был только мобильный телефон.

2021-04-04. Robert Parker:

PS, there were also several normal masked wagtails in the Pravy Esentai during my run. But the white ones did not appear with the white & yellow ones. I saw single or two birds together, but never a white & yellow with a white one.

2021-04-04. Askar Isabekov:

This "yelow-body" Wagtails are just Grey Wagtails, the common birds of mountain rivers. Absulutely sure you will have very nice photos of this bird.

2021-04-04. Robert Parker:

Oops! Ok, thanks.

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