Red-flanked Bluetail

Tarsiger cyanurus (Pallas, 1773)

© Natalia Melnikova

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author: Natalia Melnikova
location: Shetpe
date: 2022-10-20

2022-11-07. Малик Нукусбеков:


2022-11-08. Jochen Roeder:

Amazing!!! Was this at the quarry? I did many bird surveys around the quarry at Shetpe many years ago. This is a very interesting area, but I never saw such a rare species. Congratulations!!!

2022-11-08. Наталья Мельникова:

It was south of Shetpe in chalk mountains (deposits) (1.5 km from the plant "Caspian cement")

2022-11-10. Jochen Roeder:

Thank you! Are you often in the area around Shetpe?

2022-11-10. Наталья Мельникова:

First time

2022-11-11. Jochen Roeder:

If you visit again, the floodplains west of the cement plant are very interesting especially during migration. The channel of the Shetpe "river" which flows there is green throughout the year and you can find many songbirds there. Also, there are Caspian plovers and greater sand plovers nesting. South of the quarry is a beautiful, beautiful canyon with amazing birds, e.g. lesser kestrels, golden eagles,... Beautiful landscape too. If you are lucky, an Egyptian vulture or a Saker will be seen. I once even saw a Griffon vulture.
The plateau around the quarry is full of larks. It is my impression that the grazing by goats has decreased there because of the quarry, and during my last visit, there were patches of Stipagrostis grass where I found White-winged larks.

Oh, I miss Shetpe and Aqtau. This ism such an exciting area in Kazakhstan. Have fun and enjoy it!

2022-11-11. Наталья Мельникова:

Thank you! I have already returned to Russia. We were in Mangistau in October. Really, this amazing place impressed me too. Interesting nature, fauna and also fossils. I saw saker falcon and golden eagle from the ones you listed.

2022-11-12. Малик Нукусбеков:

Наталья, поздравляю очень редкая встреча, Вы наблюдательный.

2022-11-12. Наталья Мельникова:


2022-11-15. Jochen Roeder:

You were just visiting? This makes your find even more remarkable. Congratulations again. And "happy birding trails" in Russia!

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