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Blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla)

© Vladimir Vorobyov

VKO Katon-Karagay

The easternmost record in Kazakhstan. During migration Blackcap mostly occurs in Western Kazakhstan. For a long time the easternmost record was the observation in Borovoe (Shtegman, 1934). In Kurgaldzhino birds were recorded both in spring and autumn migration (Koshkin, 2017). In Russia this species distributes in east up to Tomsk and Kemerovo oblast (Ryabitsev, 2014; Vasilchenko, 2004). In China first Blackcap was recorded in 2012 in Kashi (Guo H., Ma M., 2013), also birds were later observed at November 21st and December 29th of 2013 (www.xinjiang.birds.watch). Probably the occurring of Blackcaps so far to east relates to the new wintering spots of the eastern populations of this species.

Васильченко А.А. «Птицы Кемеровской области». Кемерово: Кузбассвузиздат, 2004-488 с. Гаврилов Э.И. "Фауна и распространение птиц Казахстана". Алматы, 1999. Кошкин А.В. 2017. Орнитофауна Тениз-Коргалжынского региона (Центральный Казахстан) // Рус. орнитол. журн. 26 (1415): 909-956.
Рябицев В.К. "Птицы Сибири". Москва-Екатеринбург, Изд-во "Кабинетный ученый", 2014. Guo H., Ma M. Eurasian Blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla)-a new bird record in China [Chinese]. Zoological Research, 2013, Oct. 34(5). P. 507-508

Red-flanked Bluetail (Tarsiger cyanurus)

© Alexandr Belyaev

Almatinskaja obl., Nac. park Altyn-JEmel', Ajnabulak

Rare migrant in Almaty oblast, and first record for Altyn-Emel National Park.

Lapland Longspur (Calcarius lapponicus)

© Alexandr Belyaev

Almatinskaja obl., Nac. park Altyn-JEmel', Ajnabulak

Rare birds in South-Eastern Kazakhstan, and first record for "Alty-Emel" National Park.

Eurasian Jay (Garrulus glandarius)

© Yuriy Malkov


Rare vagrant for the Kustanai region. Previously vagrant birds were recorded in the Naurzum reserve in the autumn of 1974 and 1993. (Bragin, Bragina, 2002).

Red Phalarope (Phalaropus fulicarius)

© Vassiliy Fedorenko

Sorbulak lake, Almaty region

Very rare vagrant species.

European Black Redstart (Phoenicurus ochruros gibraltariensis)

© Yuriy Malkov


The first breeding record of Phoenicurus ochruros gibraltariensis in Kazakhstan! Previously was recorded on migration in Mangyshlak, Northern Caspian, Northern Kazakhstan (Naurzum) and Central Kazakhstan (Kurgaldzhino). European Black Redstart inhabits the south of Europe. In recent decades, this subspecies settled almost to the Urals. Birds with nesting behavior were recorded in the middle of summer in the South Urals reserve and its environs (Lastukhin et al., 2016), and also in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg (Lyakhov, 2014). There are known cases of successful nesting in Western Siberia: in Tyumen (Grazhdan, 2010) and Novosibirsk (Zhimulev et al, 2011). This record complements the general picture of the expansion of European subspecies to the east.

Eurasian Redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus samamisicus)

© Askar Isabekov

Gorge. Kenderli bay. Mangistau.

The fourth record of the Eurasian Redstart (Ph.ph.samamisicus) in the territory of Kazakhstan. This is the first record on the autumn migration. The bird was recorded by Askar Isabekov and Alexander Belyaev. Before the vagrant was shot in Mangyshlak (Mitropolsky, 1965); also spring observations were on April 20, 2016 in Aktau, Mangistau region (A. Yasko, birds.kz) and April 28, 2016 in the Chagan floodplain in the West Kazakhstan region (A.Isabekov, birds.kz).

Hume's Warbler (Phylloscopus humei)

© Alexey Timoshenko

Karamendy vill., Naurzumn reg., Kostanay oblast

The second record of Hume’s Warbler in the Nauruzum reserve. The first one was recorded by A.Timoshenko on October 18, 2014.

Eurasian Redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus samamisicus)

© Andrey Kovalenko

North-west area of Kaspian Sea, Kashagan.

The fifth record for Kazakhstan and the second for this autumn season.

Red-flanked Bluetail (Tarsiger cyanurus)

© Andrey Kovalenko

North-west area of Kaspian Sea, Kashagan, Kayran island.

The first record of the species in the region of Caspian Sea. The nearest record was in the east of the Aktobe region at 60 km to the north-east from the Irgiz village. (Timoshenko, 2012).

Meadow Bunting (Emberiza cioides)

© Malik Nukusbekov

Ertai. Zhambyl oblast.

This is the first photo fixation of this species in Karatau. The first one was recorded on September 14,2002 in the willow trees in the Karagur river.
Чаликова Е.С., Колбинцев В.Г. К орнитофауне Каратау и Боролдайтау // Selevinia, 2005. С. 110-116.

Red-flanked Bluetail (Tarsiger cyanurus)

© Galina Kondratenko


Rare record for Almaty region. In Almaty region were recorded in Sorbulak on October 2, 2011 (V. Fedorenko, O. Belyalov, www.birds.kz) and in Almaty city on December 19, 2013 (A. Isabekov, www.birds.kz).

Black-throated Thrush (Turdus atrogularis)

© Yuriy Malkov


The first record of the species for the Kustanai region. The bird was feeding by wild apple trees fruits in the forest planting together with Fieldfares and Redwings.

Savannah Sparrow (Passerculus sandwichensis)

© Maksim Antipin

108 km to Peard Bay, Chukchi sea

Rare record northamerican sparrow in Russia territory

Lesser Yellowlegs (Tringa flavipes)

© Ekaterina Khudyakova

Ust'evoe, Kamchatka

Rare record american shorebird to Kamchatka

White-crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys)

© Dmitry Korobov

Primorsky Krai

Rare record north american species for Far East Russia

Laughing Dove (Streptopelia senegalensis)

© Nina Shteinbrenner


Presumably, the first record of this species in Khakasia.

Grey-capped Woodpecker (Dendrocopos canicapillus)

© Vasiliy Dugintsov

Amurskaya oblast, Blagoveschensk

Rare (3th) record for Amur region

Red-flanked Bluetail (Tarsiger cyanurus)

© Alexandr Fedulin

Korgalzhin v.

The second record in Kurgaldzhinho. Three birds were observed. The first bird was recorded in Kulanotpes river at September 29th 1960. (Krivitsky et al, 1985).

Eyebrowed Thrush (Turdus obscurus)

© Anna Yasko

Aktau, Mangystau region

The new species of the fauna of Kazakhstan. Eyebrowed Thrush is distributed from the east of Western Siberia (approximately to the line of Tomsk) to the Pacific Ocean. Vagrants were recorded in Western Europe.

Yellow Bittern (Ixobrychus sinensis)

© Yuri Gluschenko

Primorskyi kray, Khasan

Yet another proof for Yellow bittern nesting in Primorye

White-breasted Waterhen (Amaurornis phoenicurus)

© Alexey Antonov

Amur region, Khingan Nature Reserve, Lebedinoe lake

Rare records for Amur region

Eurasian Blackbird (Turdus merula)

© Tatiana Semenova


The first record in Buryatia. The point if it mighr belong to the eastern form T. (merula) mandarinus is being discussed.

Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus)

© Viacheslav Kaistro


Rare vagrant bird on the territory of Ukraine. In recent decades, the frequency of registrations has increased - since the beginning of the century, more than 20 registrations of species in the country. The closest known breeding grounds are in Turkey.

Mediterranean Gull (Ichthyaetus melanocephalus)

© Alexey Zolotov


A rare vagrant species in the nothern regions of Ukraine.

White-winged Crossbill (Loxia leucoptera)

© Viktorija Ostrovska

Berezne, Rivne region

A rare vagrant bird. It was registered mainly in the northwestern part of the country. It is known only a few observations.

Blyth's Pipit (Anthus godlewskii)

© Yuri Gluschenko

Bolshoi Pelis Is.

Second record Blyth's pipit for Far East Russia

Masked Shrike (Lanius nubicus)

© Mark Pestov

Southern Ustyurt

The second record of this species in Kazakhstan. Two birds were observed on trees near the railway junction Taigyr in the Karakiyan district of Mangystau region. In the latest research of birds of Mangyshlak, Ustyurt and Peninsula Buzachi B.M. Gubin (2015) mentions the records of 31th August and 8th September 2010, when Patrick Palmen took the photos of the female bird in Fetisovo village.
The new record was at breeding season, so these two birds could be a sign to the breeding in the region (O. Belyalov, oral report). This record complements the present knowledge and indicates to the pronounced tendency of expansion the breeding range of species which was recorded in recent years in this areas where it wasn’t observed before (Koblik, Arkhipov, 2014). During the Soviet period only one record of this species was known, at April 15th, 1952 in Turkmenistan (Dementyev, 1954). Now vagrant birds were registered in Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia and Russia (Krasnodarsky Krai), but the potential breeding sites are expected for Turkmenistan (Koblik, Arkhipov, 2014).

Grey-headed Lapwing (Microsarcops cinereus)

© Ilya Ukolov

Primorsky kray, Khasan region

Rare visitor for Russia

Spoon-billed Sandpiper (Eurynorhynchus pygmeus)

© Nikolay Yakushev

Meynypilgyno, Chukotka

Eastern White Egret (Casmerodius modestus)

© Vladimir Arkhipov

Kurilskoe Lake, Kamchatka, Russia

Об этом залёте восточной белой цапли на Камчатку и других интересных находках подробнее здесь

Black-footed Albatross (Phoebastria nigripes)

© Evgeny Mamaev

Commander I., Commander Islands Nature and Biosphere Reserve

Quite rare for the Commander Islands waters

Fairy Pitta (Pitta nympha)

© Yuri Gluschenko

Bolshoy Pelis island

Firds record for Russia

Long-billed Dowitcher (Limnodromus scolopaceus)

© Alexandr Masalev


Upland Buzzard (Buteo hemilasius)

© Vladislav Zhizhkov


The 3rd documented record for Altai Province. Also, very rare vagrant on plain parts of this region.

Long-billed Dowitcher (Limnodromus scolopaceus)

© Alexandr Masalev


Red-flanked Bluetail (Tarsiger cyanurus)

© Vladimir Vorobyov

VKO Katon-Karagay

The first evidence of the nesting this species on the Altai Tarbagatai Ridge in the Katon-Karagai National Park, where it was previously assumed to be Y.A. Kotukhov. He observed there a worried female bird on the mountain pass Burkhat (Starikov, 2006). First in breeding season for the territory of Kazakhstan it was noted on the Ivanovo Ridge in 1969, species later turned out to be common in the damp dark coniferous forest areas not only of Ivanovo, but also of the Lineysky ridge (Shcherbakov, 1974, 1978).

Pallas's Reed Bunting (Emberiza pallasi)

© Vladimir Vorobyov

VKO Katon-Karagay

Male, female and juvenile bird were photographed by V.Vorobyov at the Maral lake located in Katon-Karagaysky state national nature park. It's new breeding spot. In the Kazakh part of the Altai the Pallas’s Reed Bunting breeds in the Ukok Plateau in the sources of the river Bukhtarma (Shcherbakov, 1991) and on the South-Altai Ridge in the sources of Kara-Kaba (Berezovikov, Starikov, 1991).

Spotted Flycatcher (Muscicapa striata)

© Anna Yasko

Aktau, Mangystau region

The second record of breeding Spotted Flycatchers in Mangyshlak. The first one was found at 50 km to the north of the station Beineu (Levin, Karyakin, 2005).

Great White Egret (Casmerodius albus)

© Vadim Ivushkin

Res. Buryatia

Sixth species registration in Buryatia. In total, there are 10 meetings of this species in the Baikal area. In Buryatia 3 - for the second half of the 20th century. At the beginning of the 21st century: in the Irkutsk region 3, in Buryatia - 3. In 2017, two registrations (in Western and Southern Buryatia). Data on materials Yu.I. Melnikov (2016).

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