Pittidae | Pittas

Fairy Pitta

Hirundinidae | Swallows

Grey-throated Martin (Riparia chinensis)
Purple Martin (Progne subis)
Cliff Swallow (Petrochelidon pyrrhonota)

Barn Swallow

Wire-tailed Swallow

Red-rumped Swallow

Northern House Martin

Eastern House Martin

Sand Martin

Pale Sand Martin

Tree Swallow

Eurasian Crag Martin

Alaudidae | Larks

Black-crowned Sparrow-lark (Eremopterix nigriceps)
Japanese Skylark (Alauda japonica)

Desert Lark

Crested Lark

Greater Short-toed Lark

Hume's Short-toed Lark

Lesser Short-toed Lark

Asian Short-toed Lark

Calandra Lark

Bimaculated Lark

Mongolian Lark

White-winged Lark

Black Lark

Horned Lark

Wood Lark

Sky Lark

Oriental Skylark

Motacillidae | Pipits and Wagtails

Japanese Wagtail (Motacilla grandis)

Yellow Wagtail

Eastern Yellow Wagtail

Chinese Yellow Wagtail

Green-headed Wagtail

Black-headed Wagtail

Yellow-backed Wagtail

Citrine Wagtail

Grey Wagtail

White Wagtail

Black-backed Wagtail

Masked Wagtail

Forest Wagtail

Richard's Pipit

Blyth's Pipit

Tawny Pipit

Tree Pipit

Olive-backed Pipit

Pechora Pipit

Pechora Pipit (Manzbier's)

Meadow Pipit

Red-throated Pipit

Buff-Bellied Pipit

Water Pipit

Eurasian Rock Pipit

Campephagidae | Campephagidae

Ashy Minivet

Pycnonotidae | Bulbuls

White-cheeked Bulbul (Pycnonotus leucogenys)
Light-vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus sinensis)
Himalayan Black Bulbul (Hypsipetes leucocephalus)

Brown-eared Bulbul

Laniidae | Shrikes

Bay-backed Shrike (Lanius vittatus)

Brown Shrike

Isabelline Shrike

Turkestan Shrike

Red-backed Shrike

Tiger Shrike

Bull-headed Shrike

Long-tailed Shrike

Lesser Grey Shrike

Great Grey Shrike

Northern Grey Shrike

Chinese Grey Shrike

Asian Grey Shrike

Woodchat Shrike

Masked Shrike

Oriolidae | Orioles

European Golden Oriole

Indian Golden Oriole

Black-naped Oriole

Dicruridae | Drongos

Ashy Drongo

Hair-crested Drongo

Black Drongo

Sturnidae | Starlings

White-shouldered Starling (Sturnia sinensis)
Brahminy Starling (Temenuchus pagodarum)
Crested Myna (Acridotheres cristatellus)

Common Starling

White-cheeked Starling

Rosy Starling

Red-billed Starling

Purple-backed Starling

Chestnut-cheeked Starling

Common Mynah

Corvidae | Crows and Jays

Henderson's Ground-jay (Podoces hendersoni)

Siberian Jay

Eurasian Jay

Azure-winged Magpie

Black-Billed Magpie

Pander's Ground-Jay

Spotted Nutcracker

Red-billed Chough

Alpine Chough

Eurasian Jackdaw

Daurian Jackdaw


Carrion Crow

Hooded Crow

Large-billed Crow

Brown-necked Raven

Common Raven

Bombycillidae | Waxwings

Bohemian Waxwing

Japanese Waxwing

Hypocoliidae | Hypocolius

Grey Hypocolius (Hypocolius ampelinus)

Cinclidae | Dippers

Eurasian Dipper

Brown Dipper

Troglodytidae | Wrens

Northern Wren

Prunellidae | Accentors

Alpine Accentor

Radde’s Accentor

Himalayan Accentor

Brown Accentor

Siberian Accentor

Black-throated Accentor

Mongolian Accentor


Japanese Accentor